Bad Ingredients in Diet Pills on the Market

BAD Ingredients to Look for on Food Labels

Although the drive to attain fitness and lose weight may come across as a recent trend, the emphasis on achieving fitness is not new. Since decades, people from all walks of life have tried to tone down their bodies into shape and get those chiseled physiques we all dream of. However, whereas in the … [Read more...]

The History of Controversial Diet Pills Revealed

Controversial diet pills

Not too long ago, majority of all diet pills were labeled controversial. Often lacking quality ingredients and clinical tests, these diet pills were best left for people who wanted to risk their health in return for the loss of a few pounds. Shockingly, when making use of these controversial diet … [Read more...]

Diet Pills To Avoid – Banned list of Dangerous Diet pills!

banned diet pills

Ever since they were first introduced a decade back, diet pills have become popular amongst the weight conscious who seek to lose weight in a short period of time. When you take a look at the benefits they present, at least on paper, these supplements undoubtedly seem remarkable. Moreover, often … [Read more...]

Top 5 Appetite Suppressant Diet Pills 2013 – 14

Appetite suppressant (makes you feel full)

For most overweight people, it is the difficulty in reducing the appetite that results in weight gain. Naturally, with control over the appetite so difficult to achieve, it is perhaps no surprise that obesity continues to see a steady rise with an increasing number of people falling in the much … [Read more...]

Top Weight Loss Supplement Comparison Phen375 And Capsiplex

phen375 compared capsiplex

The thought of indulging in tough exercises at the gym and following a strict diet is not everyone’s cup of tea and a lot of us have turned to alternative ways to attain fitness in the past, haven’t we? While at first these alternatives usually revolve around the use of harmful weight loss … [Read more...]

Proactol Plus reviews: Ingredients success and customer feedback

Proactol Plus

Proactol Plus is a fat binder and appetite suppressant both at the same time, it boasts to be the best at binding fat and suppressing your appetite making it a huge success within the diet pill arena. In this review of proactol plus we will  be investigating the ingredients, Side effects and … [Read more...]

Unique Hoodia reviews, Ingredients and Appettite Suppressing Ability

Unique Hoodia

Unique Hoodia boasts a natural occurring ingredient that suppresses your hunger which is very popular type of diet pill and can help the dieter shed many more pounds over a shorter period of time. (We do not recommend you skipping meals) But! used correctly  Unique Hoodia can decrease the amount of … [Read more...]

Capsiplex Review: Testimonials, side effects and Ingredients

Capsiplex and peppers

Judging by the sheer amount of popularity Capsiplex has managed to obtain over the past few years, the product certainly has pleased quite a few people. It is estimated that almost 50,000 packs of Capsiplex have been taken home by weight conscious customers and most of them have come out satisfied … [Read more...]

Phen375 review: History, ingredients, Side-effects and More

phentemine375 bottle

Phentemine 375 (phen375) is the product of on going research which originated from the Phentermine line of diet pills originally used to cure obesity in the 1960's but ended in a big taboo due to its awful side-effects and detrimental health issues people acquired while using it, yes! they lost … [Read more...]